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We have included this FAQ to help make your vacation to the Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica as pleasant as possible and give you an idea of what to expect. 

Unlike hotels; we are a Long Term Residential Community and guests rent  for at least a minimum 7 night stay.

Is your condo right for me?

My Condo is not meant to be a hotel!! There is no maid service. Renters purchase all consumable items such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc.   

Are you able to manage steps without the aid of hand rails? The condo site is built on slightly sloping ground. Refer to the POOL page and the Steps photo.

Are you physically fit to easily walk the 75 yard crossroad which is on about a 30 degree incline? Refer to the POOL page and  the Entrance photos.

Can you walk upstairs to the bedroom loft? Refer to My Condo page and the Spiral Staircase photo.

Can you live happily without the need for air conditioning in 85 - 90F weather during the daytime? The Night temperature drops to a comfortable low in the mid 70F range. Ceiling fans on each level provide a refreshing breeze.

Would you like to hear a Howler monkey some mornings at 5:00 am? The howler monkey only makes a grunt like noise for about 5 minutes. Most travelers would pay a premium just to have an opportunity to come this close to nature and the rain forest.

Perhaps you answered maybe or no to any of these questions, then sorry! - My Condo is definitely not right for you... We suggest you look for a Hotel offering more of the features and conveniences you require

Are other condos for rent? 

Some of the owners have retired and reside year-round; some of the other owners have long-term guests staying over one year; and some of the owners are not interested in renting. Many guests return in high season year after year.

How far is it to the beach? Is it walking distance?

Manuel Antonio National Park and the Public Beach are just 3 miles from My Condo.

Refer to the Manuel Antonio Public Beach INFO page and MAP of the Main Road.

The Main Road is paved and is a busy 2 lane highway, but without the benefit of safety shoulders. The Main Road with its tight turns and overgrown rainforest vegetation impair the driver's vision to safely see a person walking.

How far is the nearest town?

Quepos is 1 mile and can be walked via the Old Road. Refer to the MAP page to view the Manuel Antonio Main Road.
The Main Road is a single lane gravel road. Going into Quepos is about a 15 to 20 minute downhill walk. Returning with bags of groceries can be quite the trek. 

Where can I purchase groceries like .?

Mini Price Mart, in Quepos has a well stocked imported food and cheese section. Located
2 blocks behind the bus station and 3 blocks left. Also it is 2 blocks from Pali.

Pali a large supermarket with mainly local products. Located in Quepos when coming from Manuel Antonio. 

Super Joseth is a supermarket in the center of Manuel Antonio. Large imported section.  Located one block south of the soccer field.

What is the weather like?  How rainy is the rainy season? 

Manuel Antonio Quepos Monthly Average Weather

Month Average Highs Average Lows Average Rainfall Humidity
  F C F C in. mm %
Jan. 87 31 69 21 2.83 72 83
Feb. 87 31 69 21 1.42 36 81
Mar. 89 32 71 22 2.36 60 80
Apr. 89 32 71 22 6.57 167 84
May 89 32 71 22 15.43 392 87
Jun. 87 31 71 22 17.05 433 88
Jul. 87 31 69 21 18.15 461 88
Aug. 86 30 69 21 18.82 478 89
Sep. 86 30 71 22 20.79 528 90
Oct. 86 30 71 22 25.35 644 89
Nov. 86 30 71 22 15.28 388 89
Dec. 86 30 69 21 6.65 169 86

Source: National Weather Services of Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio has as perfect a tropical climate as can be hoped for, with warm average daytime temperatures varying only by a couple of degrees throughout the year. 

The rainfall varies with the seasons. The most rain is from April to December known as the Green or Rainy Season. You will wake up to sunny hot days ideal for soaking up the sun at the beach or by the pool. By mid afternoon, the clouds begin to roll in. The rains usually begins by 5 pm. If it rains earlier the rain tends to be lighter. The rain that falls around 5 pm is somewhat heavy. Many times the rain in the evening or night comes down hard  for a couple of hours and then changes to light rain or stops. The next morning, the air smells fresh and clean, and you can hardly tell it had rained. When you go out in the evening remember to bring along an umbrella to keep dry. 

My plane lands at the International Airport in San Jose. How do I go to your condo? 

Links are provided in the Links section below:

Car or 4x4 Rental is available but not necessary. It is strongly recommended not to drive on the highways after sunset because many of the highways and roads do not have shoulders and most roads are very windy or in poor condition. Many of the car rental agencies have kiosks at the airport parking lot. In the Manuel Antonio Quepos area a rental car is not necessary as there is good public bus service and taxis are readily available. 
Please be aware Costa Rica has stiff penalties for driving offenses:
Causing a fatal accident 6 months - 8 years jail
Causing a fatal accident while drunk 3 - 15 years jail
Racing against other drivers 1 - 3 years jail
Driving drunk (BAC 0.75 g/l) 1 - 3 years jail
Driving tipsy (BAC 0.5 g/l) $410.00 US fine
Driving faster than 150 km/hr approx 90 mph 1 - 3 years jail
Driving faster than 120 km/hr approx 72 mph $410 US fine
Driving 20 km/hr approx 12 mph above speed limit  $310.00 US fine
Not wearing a seatbelt $310.00 US fine
Holding a cell phone $310.00 US fine
Ignoring traffic lights or signs $310.00 US fine
Sansa and Nature Air if you are considering taking the 20 minute airplane flight to Quepos for about $53 US per person plus taxes. There is a small charge for luggage.
Taxi from the Airport is approx $150 US for the 3 hour drive. Or mini van size taxi is approx $175 US. 
Interbus is $48 US per person and does a few trips per day.  You must book ahead. You can take it from the Hampton Hotel and Holiday Inn Express located across the highway from the airport They share the same parking lot. You can either take the Free Hotel Shuttle or a taxi for the three minute ride. Hopefully the Interbus will be available without having to spend a night at a hotel. Remember to book ahead of time.
The Public Buses to Manuel Antonio and Quepos leave from the Tracopa Bus Station. You would need to take a taxi to the Bus Station which costs about $30.00 US. While waiting at the Bus Station keep a hand on the handle of all your luggage as this is a good travellers' practice. You never know where the thieves and pick pockets are.
There are two types of buses, Directo and Colectivo or Non-Direct. There is a Link to the Public Bus Schedule below which shows the staggered times for the two bus types:
We recommend taking the slightly more expensive Directo bus for $8.00 US per person. The bus is a newer Mercedes with air suspension and reclining seats with arm rests. The bus ride takes about 3 hours. The bus stops in Quepos and then continues to Manuel Antonio National Park.
There is also a less expensive $7.00 US Non-Direct bus which takes much longer, about 4 1/2 hours. The bus is also a newer Mercedes, Volvo or Marco Polo with reclining chairs, arm chairs and foot rest. The last stop is the Quepos Bus Station. This bus will not go to Manuel Antonio, so you will have to take a taxi.
Bus Station Pictures

When you arrive in Quepos I suggest getting off at the Quepos Bus Station and taking a taxi from the Taxi Stand located across the street from the bus depot to go to Las Palmas. It is an inexpensive 5 minute ride. Usually 2000 or 2500 colones  or $4 or $5 US for two people. 

Directions for going from the Quepos Bus Station or the Taxi Stand located across the street from the Quepos Bus Station to Las Palmas. All the Taxi Drivers should know where Las Palmas is located. If they say they are not sure, here are the instructions:

Take the Manuel Antonio Main Road going to Manuel Antonio National Park. Refer to the MAP of MAIN ROAD on the MAP page
At a distance of One Mile from Quepos is The Mono Azul Hotel and a crossroad. 
Turn Left onto the crossroad and approximately 100 yards is the driveway entrance to Las Palmas. (right by the enormous Mango tree. I have included several pictures on the Pool page.)

Is the water safe to drink?

The Quepos water treatment plant supplies safe chloride treated water to all surrounding areas including Manuel Antonio. We have in our kitchen a sterilized UV water filter faucet for safe drinking water.

Are there biting insects?

During the daylight hours you probably wont get bitten. If going out in the evening to Manuel Antonio Public Beach use an insect repellant containing Deet on legs, ankles, feet, etc. All the supermarkets in Quepos sell the popular brands like "OFF". Repellant may not be necessary for Quepos or for the many bars and restaurants along the Main Road. Lately we have been purchasing from Pali a natural Citronella natural repellant that works very well. It is in a light green colored pump container for about $5.00 US. I have found that some fragrant flowers and plants seem to attract biting insects that are not mosquitoes. 

Will I get sun burnt?

Costa Rica is a mere 9 degrees north of the equator. Protect yourself with a Sport type sun blocker - use a minimum number 15 SPF or even better 30 SPF.

Are there hurricanes?

No. A light tropical breeze constantly blows off the ocean. Not once in the over 15 years that I have been going to the Manuel Antonio area has there been any of the heavy force winds like those experienced in the Southern US or even the Caribbean Islands. 

What if my family needs to contact me from home?

My Condo has a telephone and voice mail.

Is there an Internet connection?

*** NEW *** Now with Free 24 Hour DSL Wireless Internet ***  

We have our own private Wifi connection in the condo. 

Bring your laptop computer. 

Do you have TV and cable?

Yes, located in the bedroom loft. There are about 50 cable channels including CNN news and several English movie channels. The rest are Spanish. If you really desire a relaxing vacation without stress, try picking up a book. There is a used book store across the street Dos Locos in Quepos called Jamie Pelagro  We have an FM radio, which receives many stations covering various musical tastes. There are Sports Bars and many restaurants in Quepos which also have have cable TV.

What is the Electrical Power / Voltage in Costa Rica?

The Costa Rican standard power outlet is a non-polarized 2 prong receptacle, 120 volt / 15 amp / 60 cycle. Compatible with North America. The grounded 3 to 2 prong adapters, if required, are available in QUEPOS at the hardware store located across the street from the bus depot.  My Condo has been fitted with the standard 3 prong receptacle outlets.  

International voltage converters maybe required for electrical devices from other countries. International voltage converters are available in QUEPOS at the hardware store located across the street from the bus depot.   

What is the Costa Rican currency? How much is it worth?

Costa Rican currency is called the Colon

4/12/2015    $1.00 US  =  525 Colones

What is the purchasing power of my countries dollar in Costa Rica?

In relationship to the US Dollar, products and services in Quepos and Costa Rica are similar in price to the US, or even a bit less expensive. 

Prices as of October 2013

A bottle of beer in the bars:  1300 colones or $2.50 US. 

A can of beer in the supermarket: 600 colones or $1.25 US.

Two 4 One Pizza franchise: price for 2 pizzas 2 topping:

Small: 6000 colones or $12.00

Medium: 9000 colones or $18.00

Large: 14000 colones or $28.00

Escalo Frio Restaurante: Supper meal prices a la carte:

Pasta Main Course: 4000 - 5000 colones or $8.00 - $10.00

What documents do I need to enter Costa Rica?

A valid passport with an expiry date of at least 90 days from the date you plan on leaving Costa Rica. This is true for Canadian and US citizens. For citizens of other countries, please check with your country's Costa Rican Consulate.

What is the maximum stay for a visitor to Costa Rica?

Legally 90 days for Canadian and US citizens. Some tourists leave Costa Rica for 4 days and then return for another 90 days. Again, please check with your country's Costa Rican Consulate.

Do I need to rent a car?

No, we never have! The public buses and taxis are reasonably priced and with only an overall distance of 4 miles between Quepos and Manuel Antonio, traveling time is about 10 minutes. Refer to the INFO page of Manuel Antonio Public Beach and Quepos. We have been coming for over 20 years and have never needed to rent a vehicle.

Am I going to have a good time?

My wife and I have offered a snippet of information in our web page. However each traveler has their own expectations and needs. Please read the travel guide books like Fodors, Frommers, Glassman, The Lonely Planet, etc. to determine for yourself.

What I can say is:

At the pool there won't be a PA system announcing Bingo, nor will there be music blasting.

At Manuel Antonio Public Beach there will be more than enough room so you can choose a place on the beach without being crowded towel to towel.

In Quepos or at Manuel Antonio Public Beach you won't be hassled by the constant hawkers doing commissions sales as to where to eat or selling time-shares.   

Are the Condo and surrounding areas safe?

Las Palmas has not had a crime where violence has taken place. Although there has been petty theft only when doors and shutters have been left open or unlocked. Be safe and always secure My Condo, even if visiting a Condo neighbour for as little as a few minutes. My Condo has been made very secure, please see the security listed on My Condo page. Some condos but not all are as secure as My Condo.

Manuel Antonio and Quepos are not noted for violent crimes. Be aware that as a tourist you stand out. Whether you are in the park, at the beach or in Quepos in the evening to take sensible precautions like not displaying or taking with jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc. Also when going out in the evening take a Taxi, the ones with Taxi Signs on the roof. The police warn against taking rides from the illegal private vehicles as some have been linked to being affiliated with robbers.  

Do I have to speak Spanish?

No not really, but a few common words or phrases will be helpful. The Costa Rican people (Ticos/Ticas) are most helpful and proud of their country.

Is the TEFL School near your condo?

The Manuel Antonio TEFL school is located in Quepos.  

Where are the Spanish schools in Manuel Antonio?

I have some of the more popular schools and their locations listed on the Activities page.

What is MonoTiti monkey?

A rare sub-species of squirrel monkey now only found on a tiny sliver of land between Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos.

In the early 90s there were about 2000 and now the population has dwindled to approximately 1700. The MonoTiti have for a long time been on the world-endangered list.

What do the MonoTiti eat?

Mainly insects but also some fruits such as mangos. Do not feed the monkeys!! It is against the Costa Rican law to feed the wildlife including the monkeys. 
Please see the PHOTOS of the POOL.

What is Manuel Antonio National Park and Manuel Antonio Public Beach?

Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest and yet most popular of the over 20 National Parks in Costa Rica seeing about 60,000 visitors a year.

Manuel Antonio Public Beach is the most popular of all the beaches in Costa Rica.

Where is Manuel Antonio National Park and Manuel Antonio Public Beach located?

Located in the Central Pacific Region and due South as viewed on a map from the capital city of San Jose. The sandy Public Beach stretches for about one-half mile

Also Manuel Antonio National Park and Manuel Antonio Public Beach are right next to each other and often becomes lumped together. Please refer to MAP of the MAIN ROAD.

Remember the songs "Time in a bottle", "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "And you don't mess around with Jim". Jim Croce, singer and songwriter when he was alive made his summer home about 1 mile from Manuel Antonio Public Beach.






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